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Health Education Services

IMC’s Coordination of COVID-19 Pop-up Clinics through the State of Illinois in partnership with Community Health Clinic (CHP), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), 5th St Renaissance and PRISM Clinical Labs.

IMC’s one stop approach provides comprehensive services for the whole family.

IMC advocates for health education programs that:
Improve culturally and linguistically sensitive outreach to underserved rural communities in Illinois
Empower farmworker and Latino communities to achieve healthy lifestyles
IMC Community Health Educator provide:
Information about local resources (e.g., public clinics, Illinois wellness on wheels mobile van sites) for free or low cost screening for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other conditions
Educational sessions, workshops and presentations about health disparities, healthy living and the importance of early detection, diagnosis and treatment for every family member and Covid-19 risk prevention.
IMC Health Education is Targeted to Farmworkers and their Agricultural Employers such as:
Pandemic (e.g., H1N1 flu) Includes referrals for immunizations and testing for Covid-19.
Breast, Cervical and Prostate Cancer and HIV/AIDS Includes referrals for screening and testing
Diabetes, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Cardiovascular/Metabolic Syndromes (e.g., hypertension, high cholesterol), Obesity in Adults and Children Includes referrals to local resources for diagnosis and treatment
Strategic Outreach Response to Disease Outbreaks (e.g., pertussis/whooping cough, measles)
Pesticide Safety and Heat Stress Prevention Education
Education about Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Get Covered Illinois (GCI)
Referrals to Illinois public health insurance "Get Covered Illinois"
Useful Links to Information about Breast and Cervical Cancer
  The Illinois Migrant Council offers education about prevention, screening and treatment services for breast and cervical cancer for many Latino communities in Illinois. In this digital age, using the Internet has become a primary tool in accessing information.
  Click HERE to learn about the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

More resources in Spanish

"Cáncer Cervical Cómo Puede Protegerse" - Information about cervical cancer, Pap tests and common questions and answers from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (38 Pages)

"La Historia de Angela acerca del VPH" - Information about cervical cancer and VPH from the Farmworker News, National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc. (4 Pages)

"Las Hormonus, la Mujer y el Cáncer del Seno" - Information about the risks of breast cancer, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments from the Hormone Foundation. (1 Page)

"Reduzca Su Riesgo de Cáncer del Seno" - Information about diet, lifestyle and breast cancer prevention from the American Institute for Cancer Research. (5 Pages)

"Una Guía Para Vigilar La Salud De Los Senos" - Information about breast self-examination techniques and detection created by the National Breast Cancer Organization. (7 Pages)

For more information about IMC health education programs, contact
Esperanza Gonzalez
Tel: (312) 804-1037
Email: or

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