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All NFJP participants receive assistance to access services at Illinois workNet Centers, and help with exploring occupations, and assessing their aptitude and interests in pursuing a career pathway.

NFJP employment and training participants may receive Career Services such as assessment, employability development planning and adult education.

NFJP employment and training participants who need help to stay in training or to start their career may obtain supportive services.

More About NFJP Career Services

Career services are available to NFJP participants before and during training at IMC locations in Cobden, Harvard, Peoria and Rock Island.

NFJP employment and training participants may receive these Career Services:

Adult education, directly or through referrals, is offered to individuals who need basic skills to start their chosen career pathway.
Remedial and adult basic skills (essential reading, writing, computational and problem solving skills)
English as a Second Language instruction or ESL
General Educational Development instruction or GED
Computer Literacy
Steps in a hypothetical career pathway to become a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA):
Remedial class for math
Bridge Program at Community College for Certified Nurse's/CNA Training Community College Enrollment for CNA Certificate Licensing
Job Placement at local nursing home and Follow Up services with IMC staff
Intake preparation and eligibility determination.
Employability development plans outline the steps to start a career pathway and track progress in reaching a job goal.
Objective assessment helps each NFJP participant to prepare for - and during- training for high growth occupations:
Exploring alternative occupations in emerging industries
Participating in orientation to a non-agricultural or new agricultural work environment
Understanding directions
Communicating with supervisors and co-workers
Comprehending new working conditions and job expectations

More About NFJP Training Services

Occupational Skills Training - IMC staff consult with individual employers about their projected employee needs and job openings to select appropriate courses of study for prospective job applicants at their companies and businesses. IMC staff contact local community colleges and vocational schools to identify relevant courses of study/training for career pathways that prepare NFJP participants for prospective jobs in the local labor market. IMC assists NFJP participants who need help with tuition, fees, books and materials and supportive services.

On-the-job training (OJT) - IMC’s on the job training, or OJT, program matches NFJP participants who need additional skills or experience with potential employers. The employer is reimbursed for up to 50% of the wage costs of the new employee in training (participant) for the length of the training.

OJT benefits both employer and employee participant. Both gain valuable experience. The employer gains a qualified full time employee for the company. The employee/participant obtains a full time stable job with adequate wages. Both continue to receive follow up services from IMC after the OJT is successfully completed.

Job readiness training instruction assists the participant with essential jobs skills needed for the employment application process and for the demands of the twenty-first century workforce.

IMC assists every NFJP employment and training participant with a job match leading to job placement.

IMC assists every NFJP employment and training participant with follow up services to help each retain his/her job.

More About NFJP Supportive Services

Training Related Supportive Services are offered to NFJP employment and training participants at IMC locations in Cobden, Harvard, Peoria and Rock Island.

Participants may need assistance during training to meet these needs:

Eye or medical exams
Assistance with child care payments
Other family services for emergencies or crises
Ongoing case management
Assistance to pay for mandatory tests required by employer
Transportation assistance to and from classes
Transportation assistance to and from job interviews
Work clothes and tools
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