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Learn about Guillermo and Alejandrino

Guillermo and Alejandrino had close to perfect attendance for the evening ESL classes provided by the Illinois Migrant Council’s Technology Learning Center (TLC) and Shawnee Community College. Both wanted to take advantage of any learning opportunities available to them while working in the fields. They walked to and from class from a small migrant labor camp in which they lived located about one mile from the TLC. Often, they arrived early to use the computers. When rain kept them from work, they would come to the TLC to practice their English and use the computers. Both also completed computer literacy classes. Not only did they succeed in learning basic technology terminology, but they also progressed to being able to independently use hardware, software and the internet. Guillermo and Alejandrino were extremely pleasant and courteous students who treated the TLC staff, others studying at the Center, and the computer lab with respect. They became life-long learners. Here they are pictured receiving achievement awards for their accomplishments at the TLC.


Learn about Mariza

When the Illinois Migrant Council’s Technology Learning Center (TLC) was contacted by Cobden Elementary School about Mariza joining its after school program, she was far behind in reading and reading comprehension. Her teacher was worried about her passing first grade. The Center provided her with tutoring two days a week after school. From the beginning Mariza was eager to learn. She first read out loud by sounding out the syllables never pronouncing them as whole words. Her word recognition skills were extremely low affecting reading comprehension, spelling tests and other subjects. In addition to the two days of tutoring, Mariza also came in two more days during the week after school to use the computers on her own. Soon she was arriving at the Center asking “Could I do my homework?” On other days she might say, “Could I read some books from the big box?” She would choose a book, read it aloud, and then get another. Mariza’s skills on the computer skyrocketed; very soon she could practice her spelling words by using Microsoft Word, or find what she wanted on the Internet with very little to no help. Whenever other children her age needed help, she was ready and eager to help them. Participating in the after school program made a difference. Mariza’s school work, reading and spelling skills greatly improved and she has continued to do well.

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