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IMC offers a range of educational services to improve academic continuity and achievement for migrant children, youth and families in Illinois.

Family Literacy Services are offered to migrant parents with children ages from birth to eight. Family focused, interactive activities improve parenting skills, intergenerational literacy, and early childhood education experiences.
Illinois Migrant Education Resource Project coordinates the identification and recruitment of eligible children and youth, curriculum and instruction, professional development and parent involvement and exchange of student information for the State’s Migrant Education Program.
The project promotes quality programming and education for migrant children and youth from preschool to high school.
The project emphasizes efforts to connect migrant dropout youth with educational programming.
Annually, IMC collaborates with the Illinois State Board of Education Migrant Education Program and Illinois Migrant Educators Association to produce their Annual State Conference for Migrant Educators.
Cobden’s After School Program located in Union County, Southern Illinois, offers bilingual homework assignment help and computer access at IMC’s Technology Learning Center.
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